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General Shopping eBay Template

General Shopping eBay Template
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Free eBay Template Description

A free general shopping eBay template, you can use this template in most product listing.


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  • David

    these are some great looking ebay templates! thanks for providing them!

    • superauctiontemplate

      Thanks David, I’m glad you like them.

      • smart girl

        theirs people on ebay selling your template :o)

        • superauctiontemplate

          Hi, reselling these templates is prohibited. Can you provide the link where the distribution take places? Those who distribute the templates illegally will risk getting their eBay account suspended.

  • johnd

    Nice, much appreciated. I was struggling with the concept using CSS in my ebay pages and this is a great start.

    • superauctiontemplate

      Using CSS in your ebay listing design is actually quite simple and it is the same way as you apply css in your website. The only difference with eBay listing deisgn is that you need to apply the css as inline css rather than calling in external css file.

      • Guest

        is this for free???
        i would like to TRY in my ebay..
        thank you so much

  • Vanmoll

    Thanks for this lovely template.

  • simon

    how are pictures added to template?

  • Alan Turner

    The template is great, however, why when I have uploaded it to eBay do the image enlargements not work? They work fine outside of eBay, but the second I have uploaded the template to eBay, and hover my mouse over the image, they DO NOT enlarge? Why is this? What is wrong?

    • superauctiontemplate

      You will have to provide the link to your eBay listing page before I can diagnose the issue. It might that you are linking the image incorrectly thus explaining the error you are getting. But I will need to look at the page and the code before I can come down to an conclusion.

  • Jarek

    How to add information under the link on top of the listing etc, ”about us”,”policy” …

    • superauctiontemplate

      You can easily add information under those section under the eBay WYSIWYG editor.

    • smart girl

      swap from HTML to standard “EDIT” on ebay then double click and edit wording. Simple for a young girl like myself to teach a man new tricks 😉

      • JohnnyO

        You like candy little girl?

        • Mon

          fook off

          • brass taxxx

            FOOK YOU!

  • Alan Turner

    Hi, I just wondered if you had a chance to see my question I posted 3 days ago?

  • Chris

    Thanks for the FREE templates 🙂

  • ashiya mizuki

    I want only 3 product image that shown in product image gallery.

    How to make an image center (vertically & horizontally)?

  • David Robles

    The templates are just great. Really nice stuff and for free. Thank you. Unfortunately I am facing a problem since the text at the right part it does not show. I have to make the zoom to 90% to have it visible. I tried twice and I have the same problem.

    Your help will be very much appreciated.

  • Hello 🙂 Considering ” Payment Policies ” etc content is in the JPG. I need an extra designed for me labeled ” Description ” Of course I will need the CSS code for the top that goes with it. This is for GeneralShopping5 template, thank you.

    • mimi

      Yes the same here i want to add “Description” How we do that?

  • mimi

    Hi i like your template it is very awesome and everything looks professional.However, i do not have knowledge on css.Can you help me on how to adjust the size of the picture that i want to upload coz my picture that i uploaded was too big and i do not know how to adjust it..Thank you

  • Malek

    Hello, i really like these templates. Good job. Considering on buying the premium package soon 🙂
    My only concern is that the pictures don’t zoom out in my listing. All they do is budge a little and thats all? Anyone else experienced that? Please help and thank you 🙂

  • nomove

    how to place on “Store Name” own Logo (png. jpg etc.)? without destroying it?

  • Is this is shop template or listing template for individual products?

  • xPro Fearless

    Hi, my picture enlargements are a tiny bit messed up, the pictures seem very squashed and the enlargement doesnt come out very far, any help would be great thanks!

    • Colin

      Hi I have the same problem, but I don’t see an answer. The images don’t enlarge correctly in Ebay, but do in browers. Please help, its such a great looking template.

  • Greg

    Can you add a box for “About Us” or “Contact Us”?

  • Greg

    Just like the shipping policy, returns policy. etc

  • Michael

    Hi and thanks for this great template! Unfortunately the image enlargement is not working as soon as it is embedded in ebay… When I open the template on my computer it is running fine – see screenshots. Do you now a trick how to get this running? Any help would be appreciated!

    • superauctiontemplate

      The code is running fine on my side and I’m not sure why its not loading fine on yours. But generally you need to make sure you have copy and paste all the code over to to eBay to have the gallery loading fine.

      • Michael

        Strange… For another test, I’ve copied the original code to ebay without changing one byte and I still have this problem. Tried it with several browsers. All browsers are displaying the enlargement correctly when I run it on my computer but as soon as the code is on ebay it looks like on the screenshot…

        • Michael


    • Greg

      Same issue.

  • Tommy

    Hi need some help when you copy and paste the link on ebay how to you write in it? :

  • Tommy

    Hi there, how do you add photos???

  • Christof

    Anyone know if i can change the feedback buttons and product buttons to the UK ebay site ? ive tried cutting and pasting the link is where i think they should go but it dosent seem to work !

    Any clues ?

    Great Templates by the way !

  • Chris

    Is there anyway to customize the buttons at the top IE feedback to an ebay Uk site ? ive tried pasting in the right addresses but it dosent seem to work

    many thanks for the great templates


  • මුදිත ඒකනායක

    thanks 🙂

  • qaisar

    thanks for such awesome tamplates. kindly give me instructions How to add it to my store.
    thank you

  • Shawn

    I myself love these templates, but I am a web developer and am able to easily customize the them. Thank you, great job! But I noticed a lot of people asking how to change things, so I guess if you don’t have a basic understanding for HTML and CSS, maybe you should use a service like CrazyLister.

  • albert

    how to delete image and put another image

    • youssef rachdi


  • Hamish McHarg

    Super auction template has one of the best templates, I am really impressed by your available templates, the layouts are perfect. Just make sure that you keep your server up and running, couple of months of back, your site was down and inaccessible for days which has affected my eBay store. Thanks & Regards!



  • Thanks for awesome work.:)

  • Jeff Lynn


  • Mukesh

    I am getting error while I am testing the ebay listing for mobile friendly that “Content wider than screen width” How to fix it?

    • William Lacey

      I am getting an error message as non-secure HTTP content too

  • Eve

    Great templates! Thinking about going Premium. The only problem is … I CAN’T .. and it’s irritating me the most… I can’t change the header images and the images that say things like “Description” , “Shipping” and all that. I uploaded the pictures to an online website so it’s not like I’m taking the pictures out of my computer folder. The pictures have a URL and everything so I have no clue why when I insert the, for example, header image nothing shows up except for a white space instead of the image. Does anyone have the same problem? If yes, did you solve it and how did you manage to solve? Please help!!! I need it immediately! Thank you!

  • William Lacey

    My eBay listings using your templates are coming up with an error message.
    We found non-secure (HTTP) content in your listing. Browsers display a not secure message on pages that contains HTTP resources. For a secure buyer experience, you must update your content.
    As I have just used the template for around 200 listing I am wondering if I have got to change my listings back?

  • Maisie

    Saying non-secure HTTP content in your listing.

  • Michael Bayer

    Is it possible to convert http to https to be compliant with ebay rules?

  • SusieQ

    WELL….these look great but they are worthless as Ebay won’t allow them as they are Unsecure. Are there no plans to upgrade these templates?

  • superauctiontemplate

    All the templates are now updated with https secure!

  • superauctiontemplate

    Hey guys all the templates are now updated with https secure so the templates are now compliant with new eBay rules on https secure.

  • Rameez Khan

    How to Zoom the Product Images in the template ? Any Idea ?

  • Andy

    Hi, template looks great thanks, just trying to add links to where it says ” other items / Feedback ” etc anyone know how to do it please ?

  • Dawn Brazelton

    I haven’t sold on eBay in years, but I am starting up again and I want the best sales possible. I would love to have the free premium account mentioned above! I am going to give your free templates a try right now! They all look amazing.

  • Kaveesha Ganidu

    Can you help me change the contact details in this template instead to change it to Feedback?

  • Kavee D

    Have some problem. free templates are not working properly.
    Thank you.

    • superauctiontemplate

      What are the errors you are getting?

  • takuji

    Hello there

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